This Wreckage

And what if God's dead
We must have done something wrong
This dark facade ends
We're independent from someone 

This wreckage I call me
Would like to frame your voice
This wreckage I call me
Would like to meet you, meet you

We write suggestions
Suggesting fading to silence
And that must please you
My mirrors tarnished with 'no help' 

This wreckage I call me
Would like to frame your voice
This wreckage I call me
Would like to meet you meet you

Turn out these eyes
Wipe off my face
Erase me
Replay 'The end'
It's all just show
Erase you
I need to I need to I need to


    The Aircrash Bureau

Hello I'm the aircrash bureau
I bet you're so surprised to see me
I could specialise in rumours
I'll send shivers up your spine 

Pilot, back, I need my squadron
I was flying before D-Day
Now I'm warning you of falling
I'll tell you when you're going down 

Sometimes I get these questions
It reminds me of the skin game
We used to hang around on corners
Saying 'well here we are again' 

So now she motions closer
Now that's what I call romance
Someone's calling me but vaguely
You need the feeling, not the man



Where is my outline I start to fade
No concentration means 'fail' these days 

I leave the table saying, 'I am real'
I feel the pressure like your eyes on me
Don't mention that name and
Books on love
I can't be sure, I can't be sure 

You end on reel one
You end on reel one 

You quote from 'anxious' and the things we do
I need protection from the likes of you
Do you begin to see that I don't know
I live on memories that are hard to find
Send me a card and write, 'I think of you'
I'll say you lied, I'll say you're lying 

You are, you are 

Tell you a secret I'm sure to fall
My dog runs AWOL I blame you all
We're in formation saying, 'Safe, safe, safe'
Turn up my collar and mix with dark
The speaker turns on me spot her eyes
It's hard to breathe, it's hard to breathe 

You end on reel one
You end on reel one 

You are, you are


    Remind Me To Smile

We'll take a taxi to the show
We could report by phone
We could remind ourselves that
We must laugh 

Reconsider 'fame'
I need new reasons
This is detention it's not fun at all 

Remind me to smile
You know the old 'friends' line
It gets so I feel like
I'm in this cold, glass, cage 

I've got the horrors
Check, over my shoulder
I punch the air and fight
But no-one's there 

You you - Oh no
Old scars - Don't show
We fall - You see
Crawl crawl - In love
I dive - So clean
Young things - Don't scream
Toys toys - So far
Boys boys - You are

Get off the car
Get off the phone
Move from my window, leave me alone 

Keep your revivals
Keep your conventions
Keep all your fantasies that's all
We are


    Sleep By Windows

You can cry by my window
You can crawl on the floor
You can scream if you want to
But I won't unlock the door 

You can sleep in bus shelters
You can sleep in the park
But I'll rip up the trees
Until you tear yorself apart 

But I don't love you
No I don't love you
Do you dream? 

Back to surveillance
Open eyes and wash out 'tear'
A sign that says 'no exit'
And 'no-one can save you here' 

I could talk about my programme
Where everything is white
I could specialise in pictures
Where nothing's ever right 

But I don't love you
No I don't love you
Do you dream? 

We are just sound
We are just noise
And we are all here to lie
Do you dream? 

You sleep by windows
You sleep by windows 

Do you cry?
Do you dream?
Do you?
Did you?


    I'm An Agent

Send in eyes
Thoughts of crashing, all those pictures
Send in thoughts of John the God 

Send in dreams
Lovers on corners, clean my sheets
Your only chance is to break the states 

We are clean
Don't ask - I'm an agent 

Send in change
Secretaries, nothing more
'You can be replaced, you know' 

Send in chance
Bad conditions, talk of leaving
Talk of walking out on me 

We are clean
Don't ask - I'm an agent 

Send in you
Send in pain, send in lies
Send in words that I believed 

Send in you
Stick on pretty aircraft nose
Nothing much to care about 

Send in you
Just watch the face, you're sure to see
Something, give this game away 

Send in you
Get her out, get her out
Call me, just don't say the name 

We are clean
Don't ask - I'm an agent


    I Dream Of Wires

I am the final silence
The last elecrician alive
And they called me 'The Sparkle'
I was the best, I worked them all
New ways, new ways
I dream of wires 

We opened doors by thinking
We went to sleep by dialling 'O'
We drove to work by proxy
I plugged my wife in, just for show 

New ways, new ways
I dream of wires 

So I press 'C' for Comfort
I dream of wires, the old days 

New ways, new ways
I dream of wires


    Remember I Was Vapour

There's nothing here but us
There's nothing here but us 

Remember, I was vapour
Remember, I was just like you
Remember, I was liquid
Remember, I was someone too 

Remember, I need others
Remember, I need oxygen
Remember, I need lovers
Remember, I need to forget 

Remember, I am human
Remember, I feel just like you
Remember, I had reasons
Remember, I had friends like you 

Remember, I grow tired
Remember, I could end all this
Remember, I have memories
Remember, I need to forget


    Please Push No More

Now I'm behind glass
I'll talk to you
The telephone lines blind
You have defaced my face
I bet you laughed at me
You bright young things
And now I need no-one
I miss you, so 

Please push no more
Please push no more 

Now it's all over for sure
I'll walk beck home
We must all come down
We all grow old
We are close, we are hurt
So that was love
And love she kills me
It needs to, so 

Please push no more
Please push no more
Please push no more
Please push no more


    The Joy Circuit

Send in the guards
We're all new faces
I'm so sorry
But my reasons are wrong
My reasons are wrong 

We're on joy circuit
The image fix
Rewind, cry
Well it's somewhere to go
Well it's somewhere to go 

Tell me of your pain
Love it, love it
Show me the new way
Love it, love it
It's so unusual
But all I find is a reason to die
A reason to die